CAPA Software

A powerful tool to implement and corrective or preventive actions within an organisation

Implementing a CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) software creates immediate benefits such as:

  • Task ownership
  • Reduction in time spent chasing resolutions
  • Key metrics on quality initiatives
  • Reduced costs as a result of less time spent on quality administration
CAPA Software Sercle Software
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CAPA Software Sercle Software

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CAPA Software Sercle Software

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CAPA Software Sercle Software

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The CAPA software tool has some key features that are often absent from tools such as Excel. These features include:

  • Either run standalone or generate CAPAs from other quality processes such as customer complaints, audits, non-conformances
  • Upload your current CAPAs and complete the process through the system
  • Dashboard to see pending and completed CAPAs
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard to see statistics such as average length of completion by user/dept
  • Reminders, deadlines and escalations to ensure tasked users complete the CAPAs
  • Complete CAPAs on the go with mobile or tablet devices
  • Generate PDF reports of any CAPAs
  • Workflow design gives full flexibility with who is tasked, and the steps involved

Features in Detail

Below are just some the commonly asked processes from customers.

CAPA Software Sercle Software

Deadlines, reminders and escalations

Each CAPA can be created with specific priorities that can auto assign deadlines with different timeframes.  

It can be decided how often a user is reminded to complete a task, and whether that is before the deadline or after it has passed.

Escalation can occur at the point of exceeding a deadline. This provides a safety net that ensures quality processes are not neglected, and more importantly reduces the risk of re-occurrence.

CAPA Software Sercle Software

Logic Based Workflow

Not all CAPAs should be evaluated by the same department. Some must be directed to the correct users to ensure that tasks are carried out to the best of their ability, and the issues are not repeated.

Custom rules can be set up to allow for the auto-selection of who should be evaluating the CAPA once completed. The tasks can even be assigned to multiple users to ensure the work has been reviewed correctly.

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CAPA Software Sercle Software
CAPA Software Sercle Software
CAPA Software Sercle Software
CAPA Software Sercle Software
CAPA Software Sercle Software

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