Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software
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Zero Code Workflow

Many companies have processes they wish to formalise using systems such as Excel or Email.

These systems do not update users of tasks, remind users to complete tasks and give little guidance on what needs to be done.

With Zero Code Workflow you can easily put together a workflow that users can follow tasks and are given ownership.

Companies use workflow all around the business examples such as:

Workflow Features

Below are just some the commonly asked processes from customers.

Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software

Dashboard Driven

Let users see at a glance a snapshot of the process or multiple processes. Displaying data, graphs, & KPI’s.

Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software

Customisable Workflows

Each workflow can be easily customised or built from scratch. Full flexibility on what your business processes require.

Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software

Customisable Fields

Being able to choose your own fields means you can capture the data you need at the right step and enforce valid information.

Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software

Responsive Design

If you want to register a new expense while on the train from your mobile or access version controlled documents from a clean lab room with a tablet then this software is the answer. The system can support android mobiles, Iphone, Ipads and other tablets.

Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software

Browser Based

Nothing to install all access is via a web browser. Wheather you like to use Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge. You have full browser choice.

Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software

Reminder, Escalation and Deadlines

All steps within a process can have custom deadlines that issue reminders for users and escalation to managers.

Frequently Asked

We offer both in the cloud Microsoft Azure is used for hosting and we can install on your servers.

Yes we have tools that allow you to import existing data from spreadsheets or documents into the system.

Absolutely not, no code workflow. All workflow is managed by the configuration and done and changed through the interface. Very easy to use.

Yes we have an API available for use.

Yes absolutely, we can build them for you or train you on how to build processes. Every company is different and we will adapt to meet the needs of the company.

All and any, every company has processes they want done in a certain way and this helps to be achieved when using workflow software.

Zero Code Workflow Sercle Software

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